Déja Vu – A Post from Projects Past

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Déja Vu – A Post from Projects Past


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Anapat Present

I wrote this post way back 2009 when I first started to develop a website for a church. This was when I was first introduced to WordPress and the world of php. WordPress stood out as the ‘it’ blogging platform then and continues to draw a huge following up to the present. One of my goals was to be able to customize a WordPress template. And look where I am now. Mission accomplished. My skill level would probably fall in between ‘just working knowledge’ creeping up to ‘intermediate level of expertise’. My next goal is to be able to author a WordPress theme all by myself, sell it and hopefully earn some money…. Knowing me I would probably end up giving it away for free especially to church groups. The essence of what I wrote below is our household all over again when I decided to start this aRk2 blog.

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