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Wednesday Wearable Fashion



Just some of the few trinkets I went goo goo and gaga over during my brief visit to the big city.


I don’t even know if I will wear them…the husband will roll his eyes when he reads this and sees what I purchased…love you husband…After I bought them I told the elder Baby, “I need to have a business so that I can pay for this stuff!”  The Baby found that statement very amusing…I don’t know why…



I really have to buy a decent camera to take pictures.  The husband’s cellphone which I managed to borrow while he was sleeping served me well this morning – the resulting images were not too bad.  I laid the necklaces on top of some layered bond paper and just photoshopped the distracting bits of shadows and crumple.  Very time consuming I must say.  There has got to be an easier and faster way.  Will research for some tutorials on this and share it.














That is all I will post for now. I will reserve the other pieces till next time. In the meanwhile I will go over my clothes and figure out how to wear these accessories. I am a novice on anything fashion. Now that I am an ’emptynester’ there is new joy and fun in looking at clothes and all the paraphernalia that go along with it!







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4 Responses to “Crazy Over Trinkets”

  • Bff

    Love ’em, Bff!! I go gaga over similar trinkets too, but more of the longer chain kind…wala pa ko’y guts to be more ‘flamby’,hehehe.
    Hala sige, ’empty-nester’, pa-guapa to the max…tho no trinket can hold a light to your natural beaut! Mwah!

  • Ana

    Hi Bff! I am glad you wrote in…I am tickled pink when I get a comment, especially from you! I will look for an outfit and buy a camera!

  • They are lovely, An! I want some! Hehe….. Seriously, you can sell that stuff….

  • Ana

    Thanks Swanee! I wish I knew of a supplier…will try to scout around… :)