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Maiden Story: B!


This is my maiden post on a new category on design desk aRk2. I decided to replace Food Fun! with Fashion Files.


First off, a little introduction to the subject of this post.





This lady joined the company I used to work for just a few years ahead of me. Our circles never really intersected while we were working. I knew her from a distance only. We had some common friends and through a wonderful common friend of ours, Cora, we got reconnected through fb.





Right away her album posts of her travels around the world caught my eye. She always manages to have this put together look. I admire and am in awe of people who have this ability to come out in public, on even casual occasions, with a smart look. For some it’s a gift that is inborn – a natural innate facility to mix and match clothes. For me whose fashion interest has only recently been awakened, it takes work and believe me, it is exhausting. I end up with clothes and accessories heaped so high on my bed. Putting them away again neatly back into my closet is not fun at all. All that energy and time to come up with only one outfit!





B has this natural sense of style that comes across as a kind of an Audrey Hepburnish fashion sensibility. When you think fashion icon, B, in my world is one. I am just overjoyed that she agreed to be the first feature in my Fashion Files. I will be forever grateful.


Here are a few pictures I chose of her and I know that all of you will agree with me, the B has IT! Get to know this gracious woman through excerpts of my interview with her.





Q: If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?
A: I would like all children to have an education — that is happiness to me.


Q: What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What’s holding you back?
A: Bundgy jumping.. the height….





Q: What are you most grateful for?
A: I survived my illness and I have become a better person.


Q: What is your happiest childhood memory? What makes it so special?
A: When I listened to my Dad playing his guitar and him singing.
I thought everybody could play the guitar. My Dad is a natural he just strums his guitar and you can sing with him with any song. I can hear my Mom singing as well with us.





Q: At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?
A: When I got ill.


Q: What are you passionate about?
A: I am passionate about everything– I love food, fashion, designs, places, children…





Q: What are the achievements you are most proud of?
A: I created a beautiful home– MY FAMILY.. I left my career to be with my husband and reared my children. I believe in raising your children at least for the first seven years of your child’s life. You create a firm foundation that keeps the building upright and I am very pleased with the outcome.


Q: What are you most grateful for in life?
A: I am grateful for all my blessings now– that I don’t’ need to work and be able to serve and love my family and help the needy.





Q: What are the most important things to you in life?
A: The most important things in my life are my family and real friends.


Q: What bad habits do you want to break?
A: I can’t sleep like 10 or 11 pm. It has to be 12. Don’t ask me why?





Q: Favorite country and why
A: I like Hawaii… I like to be near the sea, the water, I like fresh air and free space.


Q: Best healthy nutrition advise you give to anybody.
A: Always go for organic if you can and have a rainbow color of food in your plate. Juicing all the time.





Q: What exercise do you do?
A: I do Yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, kettle bell, TRX, Bozu.


Q: Best beauty advise you can give for the skin.
A: Clean, tone and moisturize before you sleep. Facial once a month, use facial mask once a week. Use sunscreen when you go out.





B sums up her fashion philosophy as:

I am a free style kind of person. It depends on my mood everyday when I dress up. Sometimes I can be feminine, sometimes I can be rugged, sometimes I can be sexy, sometimes I can l look like a mom or a nun. But comfort is my number priority when I choose what to wear.


To someone whose favorite colors are white and pink and who also loves to read, especially Peter Holford books…my utmost thanks B for gracing the front cover of design desk aRk2 Fashion Files!





A bit of trivia…B is the mom of upcoming TV personality and product endorser Patti Grandidge who is the beautiful and charming host of the show ‘etcetera’. Style, I guess is in the DNA – like mother like daughter…it’s in the genes. :) Here is her daughter Patti’s personal blog: Patti’s Palette and the link to the website of the tv show which she hosts: etcetera.









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11 Responses to “B!”

  • Amazing woman! So glad you shared her life with us, An!

  • Congratulations Ana and B!You are both “naturals”. You in writing and B in her comfy,stylish look. All the best ladies.

  • Ana

    Thanks Marichi! I am thrilled that you wrote in. :)
    Cora, roommate! thanks for always being there for me in this adventure…forever love you…
    Sancen, yes B is an amazing woman…inspiration…as you are to me too! love you!

  • I love the article about Mrs. B! You made the right choice of putting her on your blog! She’s not only a lady with impeccable fashion style, but a lady with a good heart, great wife and a mom who raised 2 beautiful children! Hoorraaay, Ana! Another article to keep in my heart! I love her as much as I love you!!!!

  • Hi Ana, Great blog about B. She’s a real trooper. Loved her comments about how she took take care of her self then and now. She’s a friend ever since highschool. She has gone a long way to deserve what she is now. More power to her and her daughter and to the family she really adores.

  • Ana

    Hi Lana,

    Thanks so much for writing in. Yes, that is why I chose her. She had an inner strength that radiates…gracious lady she is and so stylish and beautiful…

    Warm Regards,


  • Hi Ana!

    I guess I’m not surprised that you hit the nail on its head….Super love B’s effortless elegance! And I love your ‘conversation’ with her. Congratulations!

  • Ana

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for stopping to visit and to write in. Thrilled that you did!…and yes, that is another one for B’s dictionary…effortless elegance…


  • Ann, I still wish you were writing for the MetroPost :) You chose your subject well. B is indeed interesting! congrats for this blog!

  • Ana

    Hi Irma!

    Thanks thanks…yes, I miss writing for Metropost. Am glad you enjoyed reading aboug B! She is very nice…

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