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Monday Meanderings


My Big Feet Rocks, One Small Rock Step At A Time.






Just what do I mean by my heading? Remember the famous historic line made by US astronaut Neil Armstrong? He said this as the first human to set foot on the moon. “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”


Aiming for a Traffic Jam

The other day, I decided to do a little research on how to increase traffic on one’s website. Several well established bloggers enumerated the 1,2,3 business side of blogging. Their advise I respect very much, after all each one of them have made it to the top of the blogging sphere and it is a full time vocation for them. Huh?! was my reaction, I am not trying to feign ignorance here, I know blogging involves more than just the writing side of it. But to be reminded of the not so fun aspect grew heavy on my shoulders.


I had to back off for awhile because it was dampening the merriment out of what I am doing – dressing up my website with fashionable garments of jQuery, necklaces of strings of html, bracelets of css, with a final corset of php and of course just plain enjoying my blabbering about anything.


Rock with Me!

The picture above confirmed to me this morning to do just that…to take one small step at a time. My goal for the time being is stay on track with the consistency of my daily posts. I will leave promoting for my next quarter goal…


Today, as the rock feet are reminding me, I rock! I love what I am doing right now, making my blog look pretty and having the utmost joy with writing about whatever pops into my mind. I hope my daily posts will make you, my dear readers, feel that way – that you are rocking along with me too!


My yelp for this morning: “One small rock feet for me and one soon to be boulder leap for this blog!”


Inviting You to Dance with Me

All this mention of rocks is making me feel like dancing to rock music (let me qualify that, very soft rock music)…I hope this video will make us do exactly just that. Come on, sing along, dance and rock with me!











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2 Responses to “My Big Feet Rocks”

  • Being able to write and write well is its own reward. The fact that others enjoy your writing is just an added bonus. Never mind traffic Ana. It will come. The important things is, you rock!

  • Ana

    Hi Erle,

    Thanks thanks soooo much. Words are so important and yours I value. It is now being placed in my treasure box along with those who are traveling with me in my heart’s desires. From my heart, thanks. You are a rockin’ friend! smile smile…