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Tuesday Techie Time



Who are my blogger idols? These people have kept me on my path through to the straight and narrow of web development. Don’t worry, I don’t have their images or statues which I daily pay homage to. I am simply a fan.


1. Vandelay Design



I started subscribing to Steven Snell’s (the man behind Vandelay Design) RSS feed when it numbered about 5,000 plus readers. That was in 2008. It is now 2012 and the number of his readers is inching up to 60,000. I go to him for design inspirations. He highlights several comprehensive lists of ‘Top’ websites that range from church to e-commerce websites. On offer now are several WordPress themes that you can use and download for free. This is where I picked up on a free magazine style theme – Branford Magazine WordPress Theme by Michael Oeser- which I used for a local church website: Calvary Chapel Dumaguete.


In an interview Steven gives this answer to the question ‘is religion a strong factor in your success?’ Answer: “My faith (I am a Christian) is a factor in everything I do. I try to work hard and trust God with the details, and He has always provided for me.” From me, nice and amen to that Mr. Snell.



2. Caroline Middlebrook



I used to avidly follow her on her original website which is now defunct. In that website of hers she would regular detail her steps on how she was growing her blog, at the end of each month she would share her statistics. Caroline is now concentrating on her software business and her blog has been reformatted to a personal blog where she also writes about health and fitness, spirituality, software development amongst other topics.



3. Tutorial 9



I don’t know who started Tutorial 9. A search for this information comes out empty. This website is a rich repository for all sorts of tutorials: web development, photoshop, photography, Illustrator, Fireworks, everything and anything you can use in your website.



4. Smashing Magazine



Smashing Magazine is an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers, with a focus on useful techniques, best practices. It was founded by Sven Lennartz and Vitaly Friedman in September 2006. This place offers a lot of free stuff for web design. It is a go-to place for all kinds of tutorials on practically anything. FREE is the best currency for me so I can probably brag about having one of the highest click scores on the site.


I will limit this post to these four for the moment. I will share the others with you on another post. But to give you a rough idea of who else I follow, here is a preview to my Netvibes dashboard private page on my web design RSS feeds:





This is just half of the Web Developers and Bloggers I follow. I hope I have prodded some of you to also fuel your interest if not for web development and design but maybe to also start thinking of sharing your own passions on the internet by starting a blog of your own. Hope to see you online soon! :)









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4 Responses to “My Blogger/Web Developer Idols”

  • Ana,
    Thanks for including me on this list. I feel honored to be in great company.

  • Ana

    Hi Steven,

    What a day for me! I shall be walking on clouds for several days! In my language, salamat. This means thank you. I won’t say anymore because I may go overboard with my superlatives. But I think you know what your reply means to me. Thanks for taking the time to stop by…

    Warm regards!


  • Thanks, An! I just bookmarked this page for reference :) More, please….

  • Ana

    Thanks Sancen!…Yes of course, I will post even tutorials soon!