The High and Low of a Blouse

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The High and Low of a Blouse


Wednesday Wearable Fashion



The publication of this post is a bit past the daily lunch deadline I have given for myself. My apologies because I just returned from a refreshing outing to the seashore. It was an adventure that included a low and dramatic moment of almost being squashed by a coconut tree. Thankfully balanced out by a high moment of witnessing local fishermen dance an action packed water ballet which produced quite a sizable catch of fish.


What a day and how it all perfectly fits in with my post – featuring the high low blouses.


You have to give it to me. How perfectly I package my day’s events, that of the story of the tree and the agile dancing fishermen to foil a complementary backdrop for this post. But hold off your applause until you see all the nice blouses that I have gathered.


The high and the low of it – here they are, the blouses, ta daaahhh!






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