How to Wear a Summer Scarf

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How to Wear a Summer Scarf


Wednesday Wearable Fashion



My mother is an elegant lady. When she goes to a party or just out in town running errands, she never misses to put on an accessory. It can be a simple earring, a nice bag or her signature look – an outfit with a scarf.


I too have my collection of scarves but they remain that, a collection. Folded neatly in individual zip lock bags and tucked away in the cabinet. I can only recall three occasions where I dared to wear one.


Here are ideas on how to wear a scarf. For some reason a picture of a parade of termites or some other insect community popped into my mind wearing of all things, my scarves! The message is clear: start wearing my scarves before they rot, get eaten up or – far out – worn by bugs!

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