The Gecko in My Life: No, Not Michael Douglas (sigh…)

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The Gecko in My Life: No, Not Michael Douglas (sigh…)

Monday Meanderings


My first encounter with Mr. Gecko, unfortunately not Michael Douglas, was traumatic. We accompanied the younger Baby to the Big City to settle her down for a 6-month accountancy board review and we just arrived back home.


Here is my timeline encounter with him:


May 27


WAAAHHHHH!!!! There is a medium sized toko (gecko) guarding the door to my storage room. I instructed Basing to wash all our shower curtains while we were away. I now want to hang up new ones. I can’t get into my storage room where all my shower curtains are stored. I want to take a shower. huhuhu. Is that what I get for cleaning the shower in my hotel room this morning?! Helpp!!!!!! I am freaking out. How did he get in our house?


These were some of the immediate responses to my shout out on fb:

  • When I was a kid, we used to have a lot of those at home. I was told that if it happened to land on me that the best way to get rid of it is to light a cigarette because it doesn’t like the smell. Don’t know if that’s true but you could always try….
  • Am sure it is more afraid of you than you are of it he he has it gone away now? He is your welcoming committee after your vacation in Manila…. he he
  • What is a toko?
  • YUM YUM YUM ….
  • lolz, Geckos or tokos are something we deal with everyday here. I think we have 3-4 that goes in and out of the house. Mom doesn’t want any harmed since they bring good luck (unless one suddenly lands on you hence you are really jinxed hehe) and are a natural pest control…if you have a long stick, prolly you can “guide it along” by nudging it to the direction you want till it goes out…unless you can bait a cockroach (which I seriously doubt =p)
  • they eat insects that may be lurking in your house. Most times they prevent spiders from building their webs.
  • Geckos are supposed to bring a lot of luck to a home he is staying in.
  • Hahaha! Screaming war!!! Scared of each other? Wahahahaha!
  • Ha ha ha We have a lot of tokos here in the house – 2 outside, 1 inside. Mwaaahhhhhh……
  • yum yum?! Eat a TOKO? Eaaawwww!


May 28


Anger displacement, pain displacement, empty nest displacement, I was prepared to just lay in bed today with my wonderful smelling newly shampooed hair and drown myself in empty nest tears. But God has a quirky way of dealing with me. He gave me a TOKO, a GECKO. Instead of crying, I will spend the whole day trying to figure out what to do with it. As per suggestions: 1) chase it away; 2) keep it as a pet 3) catch it – cook it and then eat it. I have a very interesting and odd assortment of friends and family who give me the greatest and funniest of inputs and feedback. Thank You Lord! You are awesome and You take care of me in the best and most strange and mysterious ways.


June 6


Status Update: The very large lizard or very small crocodile (the gecko.toko) is still on the loose inside our humble abode. Our chance encounters with each other are almost always the same…a mirrored reaction from both of us – “waaaaahhhhh!!!!!” with a simultaneous squirreling away to the furthest point from each other.


June 7


Found this on fb!!! mmmm…I wonder what he has been texting his friends. I have decided to enjoy my situation and squeeze out whatever humor I can from it.





Living in the tropics has it’s own set of unique thrills. It is living your own Fear Factor Reality TV series for REAL! I figured that I would have to find a way to cope with my fear of the gecko – enjoy the situation.



August 13


Why am I making my pet gecko the highlight for my post today after a long silence? After not seeing him for almost 2 months, I thought he was RIP, meaning dead. Yesterday I saw him scurrying out from my two daughter’s bedroom. Good thing they are both not here in the house. I neither laughed nor smiled. But at least, this time, I did not scream my head off. My eyeballs only just almost popped out.


Now if only my gecko would turn into the handsome Mr. Gekko ala Michael Douglas in the movie Wallstreet, that would be something else! (Just joking husband…you know I love you right?)


Let me count my blessings. Unlike Mr. Michael Douglas-Gekko who is known for his arrogance and unrestrained greed, amongst other sociopathic behaviors, my Mr. Gecko likes to remain in hiding most of the time, eats our mosquitoes and house lizards. He is pretty much a timid and cooperative house tenant. But one thing for sure, he remains still quite ugly and very scary. Sorry my dear pet toko I am only being honest. :)



 Mr. Toko, I mean Mr. Michael Douglas/Gekko – WALLSTREET








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