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Friday Fashion Files


This part of my blog, Fashion Files, is about people in my life who stand out in the way they wear their clothes. It is also about me in a new role as an emerging but still struggling fashion butterfly.


My fashion style growing up was very tomboyish…Absolutely no ribbons nor frilly stuff for me. The rougher the better.


I always have great difficulty putting together a decent outfit to wear.


Now that my two Babies are starting to carve out their own niche in the world, fashion is becoming an important aspect of my day to day. I used to hate wearing jewelry. But recently on a walk around a shopping mall, all I bought were trinkets!


Here is a synopsis of my fashion evolution.


 7th grade with my friend Martha – very tomboyish



New Year family themed reunion – not a fashionista yet – very awkward fashion pose. Tyra Banks will not be happy.



At a wedding for a nephew. I put together this outfit myself.



 At a wedding for my niece. Wearing my favorite blue. The skirt had a matching top but the day was just too hot and humid to wear it.  One hour before the wedding I cut a blue t-shirt leaving the bottom part, inverted it and voila, instant tube top!



At a themed celebration. Hybrid cowboy/Pocahontas. Roberto Cavalli inspired…haha



 At my Mom’s birthday bash. My usual look, very casual and preppy. Not very age appropriate.  :)



After church. I had a love affair with my blue pants for one month.



Introducing my lovely family-the husband and the two babies



I just had to include this because I think me and my batchmates look cute! This is for a dance number in our upcoming High School Reunion. I refuse to divulge how many years.



As to my fashion future? It is still very much a work in progress. My friend B told me that the style of Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl would look good on me.



What do you think? Do you agree? mmmmmm. :)







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13 Responses to “Ana’s Fashion Evolution”

  • I have something to do, that is why I am here. Reading your blog. It is really worth reading them. I learn, I enjoy, I laugh, I appreciate, I look, I research…. wow… I love it so much A!!!

    I enjoyed everything posted in this page… I love the reunion costume very colorful and the cowboy outfit looks fun to me. Yes, Meester aka Blair is an icon to me. The face so fragile, pure and clean that is why I compare you to her!!!

  • Ana

    Thanks B! Yes, yes, actually most of my clothes are like Meester’s so it will not be hard to pull off..It is just a matter of taking the time to put together the whole outfit complete with accessories! Thanks for making me always a part of your day… big hug!

  • Wonderful! I will say that any clothes would suit you very well be it tomboyish, frilly, sexy, feminine, etc. You have the body and beauty that will blend well with anything. All clothes, all styles will look good on you. Even a sack cloth would make you look a million dollars. Not many people can pull that off but you can.

  • Ana

    Wow thank you Viv!!! I am not feeling well…coming down with a flu but your compliments are really reenergizing me and I am feeling sooo much better with your kind words!!! love you VIV..this is encouraging me to continue with my fashion files and hopefully soon I will start on my ‘future’ fashion file series… hehe…

  • I love that while you love to be stylish, you are not a slave to fashion, and I love how creative you are and how you can whip up something wearable in no time! Example… the t-shirt you made into a tube top…. wow! Looking at the photo, I would never have thought that was it’s origins!

  • Ana

    Swanee! yup yup…I lost a nice t-shirt but I gained a tube top…I was just hoping during the whole affair it would not slip down. I did put double sided tape to help out. It is my fashion staple – double sided tape to prevent fashion slip-ups or downs…hahaha…thanks Sancen. I have to get enough guts to start shooting my own fashion series. :)

  • Sighhhh…. no apostrophe on “its.”

  • I just love your unpretentious but playful fashion sense. It should inspire many of us to be more imaginative of the many ways we can tweak an otherwise boring ensemble.And yes, Leighton’s clothes would look good on you!

  • Ana

    oooo…thanks so much Ann! But I haven’t experimented yet on my new fashion style…please give me feedback when I start posting… :)

  • What can I say… your unpretentious yet playful, imaginative yet tasteful take on fashion!

  • Ana

    Thanks Ann…Watch out for my new look! hahaha

  • This is one of my favorite blogs! Humorous though classic! That’s Ana, the lady I knew all these years; great transition, great evolution! Well done!

    I love your 7th grade picture, so natural!

  • Ana

    thanks Cora! hehe