Mama in a Red Fitted Tank Top

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Mama in a Red Fitted Tank Top


Monday Meanderings





I picked up my brother and family early morning Tuesday, brought them to my Mama’s place..and lo and behold. But who welcomed us? A vision of senior citizen ‘sexiness’ came forth to greet us!!! Mama was outfitted in a very form fitting neck-plunging tank top bought by Sharon, a cousin. Thanks to the ever reliable foam industry her missing breast was not missed at all. :) (She has had a mastectomy).


After telling her that she looked gorgeous and ravishing, I said to her, ‘Ma, don’t you ever go walking in the boulevard like that ok?’ ‘Why not?’, she impishly smiled.



 Our popular Rizal Boulevard where everyone loves to stroll and hang out.



‘Because when I come back and visit you, you might have a foreign boyfriend already!’ I also naughtily retorted – with a big laugh.


And you know what my Mama answered? ‘Why not? hehe’


Right at the moment when she said this a sudden gust of wind coursed through to where we were all seated and toppled over the vase of flowers my mom loving arranged for Papa. Of course the vase broke and the flowers were splayed and scattered all over the ground.



 I love this picture of Papa and Mama



‘Hala, Ma, Papa is here with us and is showing that he is furious with what you just said’ I was just joking and we all laughed, but then we looked at each other as if saying, It could have really been Papa! Peace Papa. We love you very much. We know you are in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ. ♥


I think the message was very clear to my Mom. That clinched it no scheduled sexy strolls on the boulevard for my dear mother. Her hot red-fuchsia cleavage revealing tank top remains for domestic use only. Thank goodness for that huge gust of wind! 😀



 Me and Mama



My Mama has a Phd in Instructional Technology from Syracuse, New York. She has retired but continues to be very active in church and the community. She shares the Gospel every night to her extended family. She loves to garden and do constant research on the health benefits of herbs which she grows in her yard.









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