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Technology and Fashion


Techie Tuesday



It is not a far fetched pairing – Technology and Fashion. As part of my weekly postings my Tuesday is assigned to the ‘techie’ side of me.


I have pending in my drafts a series of tutorials for setting up a WordPress Website for Ignoramouses like me. I am waiting for inspiration to hit me with a ‘light bulb’ moment on how to approach it. I come across great WordPress tutorials on the internet. I need to offer something new. Present my lessons like a recipe so that domestic divas like me can relate and pick up right away? Or maybe like sewing a dress with patterns as my main element in my teaching modules?


In the meantime while the above post is brewing and placed in an incubator I bring you something which melds two of my passions: Technology and Fashion.





On one level the two complement each other very well when technology/social media in the form of Fb, Tweeter, Instagram, Pinterest is used by producers of fashion events and accessed by consumers in a partnership that does not diminish the value of, say, like an exclusive runway fashion show. The possible dilution of haute couture by broadcasting its show on a livestream channel accessed by millions online proved to be a false notion. Demand for actual seats on the live show increased while demand for purchases for the clothes from online consumers also grew.


The addictive features of immediate feedback and interaction of social media fit in very well in the fashion world. Instant gratification via praises and recognition from friends and peer affirm our individual need for swift validation. This interactivity is being exploited by savvy retailers. One name brand has even promoted a strategy to allow fb members to host their own livestream fashion show on their own fb wall. And I guess as far as the objectives of fashion house Burberry is concerned, it worked!



On another level – the fields of technology and fashion find themselves married on the actual garment itself. Solar panel technology is being applied on to a necklace, or on a blouse where even just a brief exposure to the sun gather enough energy to power an mp3 player, or a cellphone. Engineers are finding ways to tap into the kinetic energy produced by our very own body movements and translating this to feed our ever increasing array of electronic gadgets. Textiles are being produced that respond to our need for cooling or heat. On the works is a textile that when exposed to the sun cleans itself. No need for laundry.



 Solar Panel Dress



Solar Panel Necklace by Swedish Design Student Mae Yokohama



3D Fashion



Flutter Dress by Halley Profita for the hearing impaired



Solar Power Purse



Kinetic energy harnessing shoe



The first programmable t-shirt: t-shirt OS





What an exciting future we face in terms of what we wear. Functional Fashion/Wearable Technology is something I am looking forward to. How about walking around in my very own solar panel dress, hanging it up when I get home and then plugging my airconditioner into it? oooo…that indeed is a ‘flash bulb’ idea! Forget then my WordPress Tutorial which is sitting and just mulling in my brain incubator – designing a home powered by my solar/kinetic energy clothes is a far better way to spend my Techie Tuesdays! 😀









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