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Home Decor Symphony in Nude, Tan, Neutral, Beige


Thursday Interior Trinkets





Isn’t it funny how our personal trials and tribulations bring us to embrace colors to reflect our mood or phase in life? It may be a fleeting fancy to one hue or a more lasting relationship. To some, a particular color becomes a lifetime obsession.


Yesterday saw a steep upward spike in my happy analytics graph. I was excited to see in my inbox the email invitation from BoConcept. The event which is on September 18 will see the dual launching of the company’s Anniversary Book, celebrating 60 years of furniture design and the unveiling of their 2013 Collection. As a neophyte blogger this is very much a big deal for me. My first event invitation as a blogger. You should have seen me jumping up and down! :)



BoConcept Urban Design




One would expect that today happy, bright, vibrant colors would dominate my mood. But the opposite side of the color spectrum is drawing me: nude, tan, neutral, beige, off white, white, grey. I think that this is my own body’s response to protect myself from over excitement and a tendency to be overly exhuberant. Unrestrained joy can be draining. Now that I am analyzing it I am subconsciously trying to snuggle and cocoon myself in a blanket of a calming, soothing neutral palette. Ever heard of anger management? This is happy management.






Everything that caught my eye this morning is thus represented in a collection of home decor and accessories all in a neutral shade. A lot of the items are from the very engaging website Lushlee. I provided the original source below each image. I also went on a foraging spree at etsy. A few images came courtesy of the ever reliable google images.



Ceramic vase by Jo Davies




Wire Works by Masao Seki




Natural Wood Speakers




Cloud Lamp by artist Zhao Liping




 A simple burlap table runner




Ceramic vase by Brooklyn, NY based artist Yuri Fukuda




Tree trunk coffee table




Textured porcelain micro tiles by artist Heather Knight




My symphony in nude will continue on for the rest of my today. I can imagine myself tenderly touching the coral micro tiles above hoping to compose a song – the quiet lilting calming notes of an underwater tropical seascape. Be now still my excited jumping happy heart… :)









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