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Fully Abled Nation


Monday Meanderings






FAN Workshop

Last Thursday I had the great privilege to attend the Dumaguete City stop of the Fully Abled Nation national roadshow. F.A.N. which stands for Fully Abled Nation is an organization which seeks to ‘to help persons with disabilities (PWDs) participate in the elections’.


The workshop which was held at the Silliman Hall of Silliman University saw the local press, local government units and members of various local Disable Peoples’ Organizations participating in the event. I was there to represent CAI (Consumer’s Advocate Inc.), a local NGO (non-government organization).


We, from CAI are still trying to define how our organization can be relevant to FAN’s initiatives, but on a personal level, the workshop has given me a new lens to see my world.


Learning to Be Sensitive

The airline I worked in for 15 years employed flight attendants from 9 Asian countries. This afforded me the opportunity to expand my concept of my world to embrace other cultures, to be comfortable in hearing conversations in different tongues, to hear English spoken in the many ways it can be spoken using all the musical notes known to mankind. My work experience taught me how to be understanding without judging, how to be inclusive without compromising my own values and faith.


The workshop was a reminder of my work experience in the airline and it reminded me of how important it is to expand your experience of the world beyond your home, beyond your usual comfort zone. Imagine, something you take for granted – VOTING. Voting in an election is not a right that many persons with disability can exercise for the simple fact that many of the polling centers are absent with the appropriate technical assistance. My new lens will be seeing my world to be more sensitive to people with disabilities and to include in my daily activities and thought: the – ‘what if’.


Let Us All Wake-up

As I write this a wake up call is shouting out at me. My own mother in-law has been wheel chair bound for quite awhile.  As engrossed as I have been in my own family and interests I have forgotten to be sensitive!


Do you have a few minutes?  Watch this short video…get a wake-up call like me.












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