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Techie Gizmos: Low and High


Techie Tuesday


 Soda Bulb Light


High tech, low tech, these products caught my eye and made it twinkle.


Let us start with this very low technology light source made from a plastic softdrink bottle. In the deep dark slum quarters of one of Philippine’s largest city, makeshift houses are devoid of light. Electricity is absent or expensive and most inhabitants go through their day to day in very dim interior conditions. Installing a water-filled softdrink bottle atop the roof provides enough daylight to illuminate a small room. It is called the Solar Bottle Bulb.





Frequent images of cities deep in flood waters greet us and have become reality for more and more people. Climate change and its dire effects is upon all of us and each part of the planet is experiencing their own peculiar nuance of the changing weather patterns. As a response to floodwater conditions this product is very relevant and should be standard emergency equipment in every household. Click on this website to find out more about this technology of producing drinking water from floodwaters.


 Water to the rescue



From coping with not so ideal living conditions we continue on this thread with an idea on how to make more room for unexpected dinner guests in cramped quarters. I have seen this before but this design in black with its sleek framed black and white picture is nice.



 Picture Table



Shifting gears now to our fascination for sleek gadgets. A perfect partnership of old technology with a recent popular one.



Pop Phone for igadgets





Making a statement by going invisible.



Invisible Speakers



Speaking of invisible…this is my favorite.   I want one.  :)  This is still a concept cellphone by designers Cho Sinhyung & Jeon Jungjae.  Who knows that in the near future new technology will allow this to become a reality.



Transparent Cellphone Concept from designers Cho Sinhyung & Jeon Jungjae



Another version of the transparent cellphone.


RFR iPhone by designer Fabio Merzari








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