Recycling Books for Eating, Sitting, Planting and Everything Else You Can Imagine

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Recycling Books for Eating, Sitting, Planting and Everything Else You Can Imagine


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Okay, who loves books? I like them but I am not a fanatic. There is one person in my life though who is passionately head over heels in love with anything written – my sister Susan!



Filipino Partridge Family Invades Syracuse!



My parents were working students at Syracuse University in New York and of course they had to bring all of us 5 – most of the time – well-behaved brats with them – Filipino Partridge family invades Syracuse! We lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment that had as neighbors working students from all over the planet. I had fun and wonderful memories of my childhood in the Syracuse University Married Student Housing Compound. One of those memories was of our eldest sister Susan, a teenager that time, being assigned the closet as her very own private space, meaning, her bedroom. None of the younger siblings were jealous or took it against her. Being the eldest, it was just the natural order of things in the family.



A local newspaper in Syracuse features our family.



This could have very well been Susan and her bedroom.



Her love for books, comic books and anything written transformed her own private closet into a haven that became a cozy library wonderland for all of us. Whenever Susan was not around, we the young ones would sneak in to read her Archie comic books, Emilie Loring, Barbara Cartland, Georgette Heyer novels. We would be transported to a world where we were the beautiful heroines who met dashing super rich handsome heroes living in mansions or be cool like Archie and have a gang of fun friends. Jughead was my favorite amongst Archie’s friends – super laid back, super geek, super cool. Pogo and Richie Rich were also much loved comic characters.



The turning point of our favorite sanctuary was when our mother decided enough was enough. The comic books and novels were threatening to invade the rest of our small house. Huge black garbage bags filled with our treasured paper backs and comics made their way to the trash bin. We all had to help. That fateful walk to throw most of the books away felt like doomsday — it was the end of the world for us. Yes, as ‘co-owners’ of the books we were crushed. Imagine what it was like for Susan! We can all laugh about it now. But Susan’s love for books never waned. That is why I hesitate to share this post with her.


What I am showing here are books being recycled, ‘re-imagined’ into everything else be it for eating, planting, sitting, just about anything you could think of except for being read. My dear sister Susan, should this article get to you, forgive me in advance. But for all the orphaned books out there threatened of being ignored and rotting to extinction or worse destined for the landfills, these projects are much better alternatives, don’t you think so? :)










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