Ok, Ok…I am a Ninny Mother

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Ok, Ok…I am a Ninny Mother


Monday Meanderings



My younger daughter calls me after her pre-board Accountancy exams. With much prodding and poking, she finally admits that she was crying. All the stress and the degree of difficulty of the exam questions were finally taking its toll on my poor baby. I give words of encouragement, advise and support. But instead of sticking with my guns and remaining the strong mom, I ended up crying along with her.






My own mother sees me and tells me to be strong, reassuring me that Kitten will be alright. “Get yourself together. Do not transfer your own anxieties to Kitten. It will affect her.”


I offered to fly to the big city the next day just to give her a big hug. But Kitten said that she will be fine.


What a ninny mom I am! I am worried now that my ninnyness may scar Kitten for the actual board exams this October! I texted the elder daughter to call Kitten so that her younger sister will laugh again. Thankfully the reply from Kylie later on that night was, “Ma, Kitten is alright. She is laughing again. I told her all my eaawww moments at the office.” What a great “Ate” (Ate is an endearing term for older sister). Kylie will make a better mom than I.


It is good to laugh and to cry. Both emotions are healing. Laughter lifts the burden and at the end of tears is always a rainbow.





As for my ninnyness? I am sorry Kylie and Kitten, you are stuck with me. I cannot promise to be strong and wise all the time. Just be prepared for more bonding tears as you both spread your wings into the world. I am letting go but reluctantly and very slowly. I hope that my ninnyness will do you both well and turn out to be a ‘good thing’.









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