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Thursday Interior Accessories & Trinkets


Are you bored with the present state of your living room? Spice up this part of your home through colors! Paint a wall or toss some bright and sunny cushions on to your sofa. Or why not go all the way and buy a new colorful couch.  Color is a good way to beat the doldrums and re-energize yourself.


I am going to take out my sewing machine out of storage – swipe away the cobwebs and blow off the dust. Colorful upholstery fabric wasting away all these years in the cabinet are crying out to be sewn. These pictures of colorful spaces have inspired me to start coloring my life. Starting with simple cushion covers, then on to curtains…who knows a new headboard for the bedroom may be up and coming. The husband will be needing sunglasses to counter all the sunshine and the rainbow that will greet him when he comes home… Surprise, surprise! :)









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