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Friday Fashion Files


If I had a choice I would have seven white t-shirts and embroider one of the seven days of the week on each of them. One t-shirt for Monday, one for Tuesday…you get the picture.  Life would be so much simpler, boring, but less complicated.


But whoa, hold on, didn’t I promise myself a fashionista makeover now that I am on the brink of being an emptynester? Shopping finds of scarves and trinkets are waiting to accent my simple white t-shirt – was about to back slide there for a minute.


I would like to put forth a challenge to those who read my blog. How best can you creatively dress up a plain old white t-shirt? Here are several pictures to get you off and running to come up with your own unique white t-shirt style! :)


Unless otherwise indicated, all images are from one of my favorite sites: Pinterest .
























































Guess which outfit is my favorite? :)






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