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Saturday Space Matters


Japanese Style. I was originally going to do a post on stylish small apartments in Japan. This would have been a sequel on a post I did on Tiny Apartments in Hongkong. I was limited, however, by the few pictures that came up. I went as far as translating the phrase or its variations ‘tiny apartments in Japan or Tokyo’ via the online translator Here is the resulting phrase in Japanese: 東京の小さなアパート Success eludeth me. Perhaps lost in translation, the pictures I am searching for are all in exclusively Japanese language written websites. The phrase translated into Japanese is probably all wrong.


Having lived in tiny flats in Hongkong, ‘small’ continues to fascinate me. I refuse to give up though. The article on small apartments in Japan will have to remain a draft for now. Mmmmm…Maybe I should substitute ‘miniature’ for small. (Aha moment!)


This post has by process of natural elimination, as is the way of Darwinism – the fittest, strongest and ‘mostest’ pictures will survive – is now a highlight on Japanese inspired living rooms. The designs are beautiful, so don’t worry, continue to scroll down. This is not second choice mediocre image offerings.


Japanese style is everything that the Zen embodies: simple, pure, natural, peaceful. A summary description of the living rooms you see is that of openness and oneness with nature. Clutter can easily be concluded as a western notion. There is little id or ego in Japanese design. The personality of the homeowner is secondary. It is all about harmony and minimalism. Paper, stone, wood, tatami mats, shoji screens, futon seating are all in perfect place inviting all of us to come and ‘live in a relaxing, meditative state of being in the room’.


Inviting you all inside the Japanese inspired living room.











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5 Responses to “Living Rooms: Going Japanese”

  • I love Japanese Living. We’ve lived in Tokyo Japan for more than 3 years and I just love love it! The food, the people, the language which I learned and which I forgot now, their culture as a whole you can make make yourself JAPANACHE!!! which means living anywhere today and instill the essence of Japanese design from the spirit of the past and present. I learned to do the Sogetsu Ikebana -flower arrangement, do the the tea box using the washi paper , Japanese paper with beautiful designs, cover an eggshell using this paper — crafts wise they are unending.

    For me, Japanese style of housing is all about space and light. They are minimalist and they take particular with the light that is why they have beautiful lanterns made of different things, bamboo, paper, glass. They use OBIS sash of the kimono to be a table runner too! Clever. I can only utter two words about Japanese interior design — SIMPLE AND ELEGANT. Oh I can talk more about Japan, my favorite place from all the places we lived !

  • Ana

    I had no idea you lived in Japan B. I do love Japanese style. But you should see the state of my home. With all the clutter it certainly is far from it right now…

    Do you have pictures of your Ikebana flower arrangements? You should start a blog of your own! With your vast and very interesting experiences what great stories you could share…seriously…

  • No blog for me. A. Yes I always take a pic of my flower arrangement all the time. If you have Whatssap I can send you all the time. I just love sharing too but not thru blogs. Simple me. I can’t do what you are doing. Meantime. I am always taking a peep at your interesting blog so you will see me often.

  • Ana

    Thanks for all the flower pics B! Will be posting it soon…I am always on the look out for fresh and creative content to feature in my blog and you have given me just that…Thanks big for sharing…big heart you have…

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