What Does Power Look Like?

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What Does Power Look Like?


Monday Meanderings & Inspiration



No Electricity the Whole Day

The dull hum of the fridge is back, as with the incessant vibrato of my old fan. How eeeringly quiet it was without electricity the whole day. Begged the husband for a little social gallivanting around our only mall but was refused – he hates crowds. Immersed myself in piles of magazines. Right now overflowing with useful information such as: how power should look like, what latest makeup to wear and which celebrity wore what best…I screamed and jumped with delight when the light came back on!!


The Disadvantages of Having a Geothermal Plant




Yes, such is a normal Sunday in my little village. We have regular shutdowns on our power grid. How ironic that my little village which is host to a geothermal plant end up paying more per wattage of electricity compared to the bigger city on the bigger island across mine. And guess where the bigger island get their power from? From my little island, of course, where my little village is located – classic power struggle? Classic foolishness if you ask my fellow villagers. Beats me how the politikos in my locality can’t seem to do a darn thing about our electric bills.


The Image of Power!

The size of my electric bill aside, let us talk about another kind of power – so what does POWER look like? From my magazine immersion yesterday, the title of an article stood out. Inspired by a magazine dated 5 years back, the September issue of O Magazine – 2009: “31 Ways of Looking at Power”, I put my own humorous twist on the title. For me POWER looks like this:



Power looks like this little pink pig…now that is tongue in cheek plenty of POWER potential. I want one!



The image of supreme power – this Power Wrestler bottle opener, for me, comes in at a very close second.








All 3 images are from the fun website Things That Look Like Other Things. A collection of products that sprout out from weirdly creative minds that live on planet earth.









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