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Wednesday Wearable Fashion


Street fashion emerges from an expression of one’s personality and mood through clothes and accessories. A lot of blogs are dedicated to featuring the fashion of ordinary folks going about their day to day routines.


Here on design desk aRk2 I present the first STREET FASHION INSPIRATION. It’s fun to people watch and look at their fashion styles. A lot of us surreptitiously people watch when we go out. Peripheral vision radars up especially when spying someone who is dressed nicely or outrageously and especially when a person is dressed up in extreme bad taste. Here at home I have the most perfect place to people fashion watch. Right here in front of my beloved pc. Enjoy people watching with me! :)












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3 Responses to “Street Fashion Inspiration 2012”

  • I love Street Fashion Style…. it’s fresh, cool, loose, colorful or my favorite Donna Karan’s Beige on Beige, because it gives you a statement!!! The very first store Street wear outfits and accessories was done by Trilogy Boutique carries all the cool stuff from Vans off the Wall, Generic Surplus, OBEY, Stussy and Alternative Apparrel. It just closed down Rada Street in Makati and now opening soon at a much bigger store in Alabang Center. Watch out for more street wear items….check it out. The young ones will get crazy. I am enjoying just to look at but if not too exaggerated, I get some simple ones but not over the top. Fashion is how you feel as long as you know if you are at the right track meaning wear your thing according to your Age. Good luck!

  • Ana

    Donna Karan’s Beige on Beige? I will research that..could be a topic to write about. I will research all the stuff you mentioned above including the Vans off the Wall thing. I never heard of that brand…also the other stuff you mentioned! I need some catching up to do as far as fashion is concerned…Thanks B…You are now officially my fashion consultant! :)

  • I love posts like this! Thanks for the inspiration :-)