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Saturday Space Matters


Personal footprints

Tiny, small, micro… these are adjectives to describe a growing trend in home building. Some of these innovative building experiments for residential spaces have gained a cult following. The 12 x 12 x 12 or cube homes, “Tiny House” are examples of how more and more people are consciously wanting to make an impact in our world. People are embracing the notion that we should limit our personal footprints. Even IKEA, the big furniture company from Sweden, is also catching on. The working creed is less is more. Viewing our planet’s resources in a more intelligent and responsible manner results in interesting and very fascinating living design ideas.

Double Purpose

Most of these homes have interior spaces that serve double purposes. Each square inch is planned to fit perfectly with the next component of the room. What I especially like in this notion of tiny spaces is the incorporation of high technology to make living in  tight areas a magical experience. James Bond like gadgets morph into day to day gizmos that make the sleeping and waking moments in your home a fun experience.

Stylish Spacious Shoebox

The following are actual video tours of tiny apartments. The earth is not growing anymore land. For those who live in high density areas where space is a precious and expensive commodity, don’t lose hope. There is a way to design a shoebox space into a stylish and yet affordable cozy dwelling.



In Barcelona


Micro-apartments are common in historically dense cities like Paris and Barcelona, but architect Valentina Maini wasn’t interested in typical small space solutions like lofted sleeping quarters or murphy beds. She wanted her 25 square meter home (269 square feet) to look a bit more conventional, but to stack functions.



In New York


In 2005, third-grade-teacher Eric Schneider bought as big as an apartment as he could afford in Manhattan. He paid $235,000 for a 450-square-foot studio with a tiny kitchen.Then he let architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Normal Projects design a way to pack more density into his small space.



Resource Furniture


Resource Furniture sells bookshelves, couches and desks- and a combination of the above- that are so highly engineered that they gracefully transform into beds.




QB-12 Cube


This is QB-12 Cube, a 4x3meters (12 sq.m.) prefab house.We are very excited to introduce to you one of the best tiny houses in our catalog. This is the QB12 model. It has enough and well designed place for a fully equipped kitchen, a normal-size bathroom with a toilet, a spacious livingroom with a working place.












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