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wOw Legs Sofa! Prettypegs


Thursday Interior Accessories & Trinkets





Taken for granted

There are certain common things around our household that one takes for granted. But we can’t live without them. When we finally need to use them I am sure the thought, “Now why didn’t I think of inventing this!” has crossed our minds. Several items belong to this list: safety pins, hair pins, thumbtacks, post its, paper clips, clothes hangers. Surely we can think of plenty more. I certainly hope that the inventors of these items got a patent for their design and their heirs have held on to it.


Now why didn’t I invent this!

This product which I came across last week belongs to the classification above. The ‘Now why didn’t I invent this’ category. Such a simple idea and an affordable easy way to change the whole look of your sofa or bed. The owners of the aptly called PRETTY PEGS describe their accessory as a shoe for your furniture. How delightful. Now truthfully, how many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet? To match your mood and the season, shoe accessorize not only your outfit but also your sofa and bed!


All the pegs, which are from solid ash wood, are designed and handcrafted in Sweden. Scandanavian design of simplicity and ingenuity at work here.


Brilliant and cute

The idea came out of a shopping trip to IKEA. Couple, Mikael Söderblom and Jana Cagin, were not happy with the choice options for legs of sofas they liked. Pretty Pegs: the concept is brilliant and cute.


This made my day. Go ahead and let it make yours, visit the Prettypegs website to view their complete range of sofa and bed shoes.




















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Street Fashion Inspiration 2012


Wednesday Wearable Fashion


Street fashion emerges from an expression of one’s personality and mood through clothes and accessories. A lot of blogs are dedicated to featuring the fashion of ordinary folks going about their day to day routines.


Here on design desk aRk2 I present the first STREET FASHION INSPIRATION. It’s fun to people watch and look at their fashion styles. A lot of us surreptitiously people watch when we go out. Peripheral vision radars up especially when spying someone who is dressed nicely or outrageously and especially when a person is dressed up in extreme bad taste. Here at home I have the most perfect place to people fashion watch. Right here in front of my beloved pc. Enjoy people watching with me! :)












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Reintroducing Color Cycling Using HTML5 and Canvas Element


Techie Tuesday


I have just spent a greater part of my morning hypnotized and mesmerized by a particular website. Click on the picture below and you will be taken to the website that occupied me for several hours. Go ahead explore and enjoy the several scenes on offer.


Of course when I come across something as beautiful and intriguing as this demo, I need to go and discover how it was made. By some whimsical, fanciful, perhaps bordering on delusional ambition, I too, would like to be able to come up with something similar.


Here is where my research brought me: Joe Huckaby cracks the code for displaying color cycling online. Joe works with Mark J. Ferrari’s old images.


More about Mark J. Ferrari:

Mark is a graphic artist who took the technique of color cycling to a whole new level, and produced absolutely breathtaking scenes. Mark who also illustrated all the original backgrounds for Lucas Arts Loom, and some for The Secret of Monkey Island, invented his own unique ways of using color cycling for environmental effects that you really have to see to believe. These include rain, snow, ocean waves, moving fog, clouds, smoke, waterfalls, streams, lakes, and more. And all these effects are achieved without any layers or alpha channels — just one single flat image with one 256 color palette.


Joe, Mark’s high school buddy, “thought now would be the time to reintroduce color cycling, using open web technologies like the HTML5 Canvas element.”


As related by Joe Huckaby on

This demo is an implementation of a full 8-bit color cycling engine, rendered into an HTML5 Canvas in real-time. I am using 35 of Mark’s original 640×480 pixel masterpieces which you can explore, and I added some ambient environmental soundtracks to match.


Having myself tackled successfully the Spritely animation technique that uses pure HTML and javascript which I showcase on my homepage on design desk aRk2 – alternative web animation methods will, I guess, continue to fascinate me.


Joe generously shares his JavaScript and C++ source code to his color cycling engine which you can download for free at


From where I am now as a web developer I continue to be grateful to artists and web design/web developer geniuses like Joe, Mike and the warm friendly folks at Spritely who generously share their talents and knowledge.


I hope you enjoyed Mark’s masterpieces which Joe revived on the HTML5 platform.









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