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Monday Meanderings & Inspiration

This post came about when B shared a comment on my article about Japanese Living Rooms.


B’s comment:

“I love Japanese Living. We’ve lived in Tokyo, Japan for more than 3 years and I just love love it! The food, the people, the language which I learned and which I forgot now, their culture as a whole you can make make yourself JAPANACHE!!! … I learned to do the Sogetsu Ikebana -flower arrangement, do the the tea box using the washi paper , Japanese paper with beautiful designs, cover an eggshell using this paper…”


Immediately I got excited and appealed to B to share photos of her flower arrangements with me. This woman is such a multifaceted and generous person. She immediately shared two pictures. But I begged for more knowing that you my readers would appreciate her flower arrangements.


As I was doing this article all the stresses of the day seemed to just disappear. I have been encouraging B to do her own blog. What sayeth you B?


Thanks so much B for sharing your lovely creations. This is just part one, right? :) Read more about B on my first article on this ‘fashionista’ who has been very supportive in my blog journeys and adventures.











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7 Responses to “B’s Flower Arrangements”

  • Sooooo beautiful! That is real talent… to make it seem effortless.. Kudos!

  • Ana

    Thanks Swanee! I will feature your photos too… :)

  • Kudos din ako ( kudos– me as well)… A, wow, what a blog, you have so much style with this blog of yours. What more are you thinking to do next. So much style and pure and very classy. It’s so neat… You got style… I am a fan!

  • Ana

    Yes B, kudos indeed to you! You are always giving me ideas for content for my blog and giving material also…I wish others would not be shy sharing their gifts. Hope that through you, others will be inspired to share their talents on my blog…that is my wish and dream..

  • I really love this blog!!!! Found great ideas for home floral arrangements ( for me, my house is not complete without plants and fresh flowers) At first,I loved your post about Ms B and now this-wow, she is such a lady-beauty and talent, wow!!!! … Thanks M’Ana for sharing…

  • Ana

    Thanks An! Wish you could meet B too…you both have a lot in common…Your welcome An..

  • Ana, your blog is like a good wine, it gets better with age!!!! I’m so glad to have 2 talented friends. Mwwaahhh!