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Christmas trees are a tradition in our family. There was one Christmas when I was pressed for time but friends convinced me to put one up at the last minute.


Recently I watched a tutorial on youtube, “How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Decorations“. Watching it got me all exhausted. It did convince me, however, that having a decorated tree inside one’s home during the celebration of the birthday of our Savior Jesus Christ is nice. The lights swirled around the branches remind me of the stars that must have been a’glowing and twinkling on that miraculous night when:


“One night in the cold, in the dark, among the wrinkled hills of Bethlehem, those two worlds came together at a dramatic point of intersection. God, who knows no before or after, entered time and space. God, who knows no boundaries took on the shocking confines of a baby’s skin, the ominous restraints of mortality.”

Taken from Philip Yancey’s book, The Jesus I Never Knew
Do you want to go housecrashing with me this Christmas? Come on, hold my hand as I take you on a quick tour of my friends homes. Enjoy with me their own one of a kind and no doubt decorated with love Christmas trees.



From Paul’s home. His Philippine inspired Christmas tree.



A close-up of Paul’s tree.



From Phyllis. Paul’s sister and my highschool classmate.



Also a high school classmate, Cecille is a like minded crafts person.



From my Bff since high school, Linda.



From B, a former colleague of mine and a favorite subject here on my blog.



From our own home sweet home.


This Christmas 2012, from our family to your family: A JOYOUS AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS!








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3 Responses to “Christmas Trees!”

  • Thank you Ana! Now i will be your regular visitor.

  • very nice post, Ana!

    Hello, Paul, my classmate! Your Philippine inspired tree is very bonggacious!

    To B, your plum colored tree is very striking!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • A, you wowed me again…. I love viewing all the Christmas trees of your friends,I love Philippe’s tree and everyone’s there. I can see and feel that while doing so decorating our own Christmas tree we are being inspired of something. I got inspired by putting purple balls and decors because of my daughter’s Sweet Patti Cake motiff Purple. I tried to mix -max too with my other blue balls from other parts of my home, You gotta have to love and agree and visualize mixing my blue and purple balls. Somehow I was convince and glad when I saw a Christmas ribbon made of blue and purple… I lept with joy. Merry Christmas to you and your family. B xoxo