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Nemo Fondant Cake for Mom


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I was thoroughly enjoying my cake research initially intended to come up with a cake design for my mom’s 82nd birthday. But my original objective was momentarily set aside when I became enthralled with images of Christmas and storybook themed cakes that I chanced upon on Works of art that make your heart ache thinking that they are now all gone. Digested by some very lucky stomachs – my secret wish is that the cakes are still in existence somewhere in a hereafter. The cakes’ demise aside and fully inspired, my hands were at this point itching to make my own elaborate creations.


One particular Nemo cake took my breath away…I don’t know how long I gazed at it.  I fell in love with the 3D sculpture art. Officially now a huge fan of the Cake Designer/Artist. (Note to self: make a separate future post on the Designer/Artist). I must make this for my mom!  But a Nemo cake? It’s a design more fitting for a child. Mmmmmm…


To make a long story short…I ended up making one just like it for my dear Mama Rio. I skipped some of the finer details of the original design as I was pressed for time. The cake below is the original cake.





This one is my version. Not too bad eh?



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