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It’s Been Quite Awhile…




It has been a long while since I wrote my last post… That was two and half years ago. My last post was about the Little Drummer Boy, Christmas of 2012.


A lot of life changing events happened. Within a span of 6 months my dear Mother-in-law and my dear Mama passed away. That was last year. Both wonderful women who have taught me how it is to be gentle, caring, generous – but most of all they have both taught me how to be gracious and strong. I have so many notes in my head that need to be written regarding their respective journeys to heaven.  I will take my time. No need to rush.


This website too has gone through its own death – resurrection cycle several times over, literally. The only way I can best chronicle the emotions of having to deal with that is through these images and stickers.



crashed website6


oh no

Oh no!





Yey I got my website back!

Yey I got my website back!


Yip yip yipee!!!

Yip yip yipee!!!

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Stickers seem to be popular especially on facebook nowadays. They are cute and engagingly entertaining. But I am not a huge fan. Conversation becomes dead and I move on to other things. But my Bff is a sticker fanatic. The fact that I still love her after she showers me with a barrage of stickers goes to show how deep and loving our friendship is… I love you Bff! 😀


My passionate call after this post will be to create a change.  It will be a personal advocacy against an overload of stickers on the internet. Death to conversation is the ultimate social ramification. An over abuse of Mugsy, Biscuit and all those like – named canine looking creatures will lead to shortened tongues and an inability to talk mark my words.  Everyone is heading off to the Sticker Store to express anything and everything. Words will become redundant and obsolete.  Heed my warning people… Language and conversation will go the way of Dino the dinosaur, extinct. Down with Mugsy and Biscuit!!!


Down with stickers!

Down with stickers!


As a result of this post I may have to go under cover and change my identity. So many folks are sticker addicts! Perhaps I shall need to buy me a ‘hoodie’ so that I can walk incognito in public. I expect some violent backlash from my dearest Bff and quite a number of close friends… hahaha.


So this is it! I am back! Still silly and weird.  A tad more retrospective as I deal with grief that, up to today, I refuse to confront. But I know that it is important for me to come to terms with the missing and saying goodbye… Not yet… I have a few rituals that I need to go through before I will let go..By my own terms…My own time. So many happy memories of Mama Virgie and Mama Rio…and yet also so many guilt feelings too. I know that my going back to my blog will be a huge part of my healing and my being able to let go…Writing always calms me and I find it very spiritually strengthening.  It is my one on one conversation with God.   Mmmm… is there a sticker that encompasses all that? Mugsy, Biscuit?  They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Oh yikes, I may end up a sticker fanatic after all!  Oh no!


God bless everyone!








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B’s Flower Arrangements


Monday Meanderings & Inspiration

This post came about when B shared a comment on my article about Japanese Living Rooms.


B’s comment:

“I love Japanese Living. We’ve lived in Tokyo, Japan for more than 3 years and I just love love it! The food, the people, the language which I learned and which I forgot now, their culture as a whole you can make make yourself JAPANACHE!!! … I learned to do the Sogetsu Ikebana -flower arrangement, do the the tea box using the washi paper , Japanese paper with beautiful designs, cover an eggshell using this paper…”


Immediately I got excited and appealed to B to share photos of her flower arrangements with me. This woman is such a multifaceted and generous person. She immediately shared two pictures. But I begged for more knowing that you my readers would appreciate her flower arrangements.


As I was doing this article all the stresses of the day seemed to just disappear. I have been encouraging B to do her own blog. What sayeth you B?


Thanks so much B for sharing your lovely creations. This is just part one, right? :) Read more about B on my first article on this ‘fashionista’ who has been very supportive in my blog journeys and adventures.











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A Care Package for Our Soon to be Accountant


Monday Meanderings & Inspiration




The Philippine Board CPA Exams

Last May 2012, 5,315 took the Philippine Certified Public Accountancy (CPA) board exams, 1,995 passed. This Saturday, October 6, 2012 another batch of Accountancy graduates will be taking the board exams. I have no idea how many will be taking the exams this time around, but for sure my baby and 36 of her batchmates from Silliman University will be taking the grueling Accountancy exams. We are all praying for them.


Nothing worthwhile doing is ever easy

It has not been easy. But nothing worthwhile doing is ever easy. For six months my baby and her fellow accountants-to-be have been imprisoned, or cocooned is a better word, in their dorm in the big city. They experienced a storm and severe flooding which left their dormitory with no electricity and water for two days. And yes, they have been studying and studying and studying. For two consecutive weekends starting this October 6, which is my birthday by the way, they will finally be coming face to face with what they have worked so hard for.





CPA board exams notoriously the most difficult

The CPA licensure board exams is notoriously known to be the most difficult board exam in the Philippines. Luck is not something which you will want to rely on as one is shading the answer box to each question. I believe that one really has to have the passion and love for numbers which my Baby has. I don’t know where she got it from, math has never loved me and there is certainly no reciprocity on my part. Maybe she got the love of numbers from the Papa who majored in Economics and who uses his cellphone more for calculating stuff than for communicating – I don’t know.


Diligence, discipline and love for studying

Diligence, discipline and a love for studying are also musts to be a student of accountancy. My Baby has all three. Again I don’t know where she got it from. When I was in college I would study but always end up sleeping with my head atop my books by 9:00 pm. I was working then on the principle of natural osmosis hoping the printed words on the pages would naturally work their way into my brain. My baby sleeps regularly at midnight and she is actually studying!





Faith and prayer the most important

But for me the most important key ingredient to be a successful student of accountancy or any field for that matter is faith. Prayer because of a belief in Someone of Higher power who sustains you and is your purpose for what you do. Living a grateful life for blessings that flow from a Father in heaven who loves you. For us as a family, and especially my babies, this is the most important aspect of our lives. A spiritual journey that starts with Jesus Christ. Our life, our spirits are nothing without Him who is our personal Lord and Savior.


Prayers have been an important part of my Baby’s accountancy adventure. We lift up everything to our God in heaven.



Our care package for the Baby.

Sorry for the loong intro there. I hope you got this far… :)


The Papa, the elder baby and I decided to put together a care package for the younger Baby. We thought that this homestretch before the actual exam day needed some lightening up. We wanted her to have something to grin and laugh about to start her day. She is so into her studies that we thought she needed a bit of chilling out time, too..


Here is our family CHILLIN’ OUT CARE PACKAGE for the younger Baby…these are the items we sent her:



Small encouraging cards she can give to her friends who are also taking the exams.






Some things she can use for her studies: sticky notes, paper clips and a fish scissor.





Card package to be opened on Thursday morning with the Papa’s personal note. The Papa chose most of the cute stuff by the way. He was the one having the most fun in shopping for the Baby. How touching. He is truly the best Papa for our daughters.






Card package for Friday morning together with a card and a letter from the elder Baby.






Exam day! This is the card package for Saturday.






The second day of exams…Sunday.





There it is. Our care package for our Baby! We also included a lot of inspirational cards and stickers that our Baby can share with her fellow examinees…


I hope you are inspired!

I hope these simple ideas will inspire you to come up with an even more creative care package for someone in your life. Use whatever occasion to give people some love. Do it soon…and hopefully you can share your photos of your own care package with me!









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