wOw Legs Sofa! Prettypegs

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wOw Legs Sofa! Prettypegs


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Taken for granted

There are certain common things around our household that one takes for granted. But we can’t live without them. When we finally need to use them I am sure the thought, “Now why didn’t I think of inventing this!” has crossed our minds. Several items belong to this list: safety pins, hair pins, thumbtacks, post its, paper clips, clothes hangers. Surely we can think of plenty more. I certainly hope that the inventors of these items got a patent for their design and their heirs have held on to it.


Now why didn’t I invent this!

This product which I came across last week belongs to the classification above. The ‘Now why didn’t I invent this’ category. Such a simple idea and an affordable easy way to change the whole look of your sofa or bed. The owners of the aptly called PRETTY PEGS describe their accessory as a shoe for your furniture. How delightful. Now truthfully, how many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet? To match your mood and the season, shoe accessorize not only your outfit but also your sofa and bed!


All the pegs, which are from solid ash wood, are designed and handcrafted in Sweden. Scandanavian design of simplicity and ingenuity at work here.


Brilliant and cute

The idea came out of a shopping trip to IKEA. Couple, Mikael Söderblom and Jana Cagin, were not happy with the choice options for legs of sofas they liked. Pretty Pegs: the concept is brilliant and cute.


This made my day. Go ahead and let it make yours, visit the Prettypegs website to view their complete range of sofa and bed shoes.




















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